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If 2015 isnt a reboot, maybe it could be toa mata in training, before the were sent to mata nui

That’d actually be awesome. Maybe we could get other toa teams like the hordika!!

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Bionicle 2015….better NOT look like hero factory. *shudders*

IF IT IS Confirmed.

Seeing as it is the first year of it’s return, you’re going to be disappointed with what the 2015 waves look like. Remember when HF first came out and the very first sets were basically bionicle stars with a few new pieces on them?

but it hasn’t officially been confirmed yet…right?

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If I could make a new Bionicle element, I’d make Matoran/Toa of Crystal. I know it’s redundant with Earth, but Crystal would look so pretty.

They’d be a female element with their colors being trans pink and trans light blue. You can see their…

GUYS. [purely headcannon]: PURPLE AND ORANGE. And they could have the ability to bond with crystal eating crabs like ussals, which is why Onepu (who’d become a cry-Matoran) was such a great ussal rider!!!!

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Oh gee that head looks no different than the one on Hakann’s from his packaging art

But there could be a character like this, probably with a different head

"i think the name is similar to the word nuclear."

Oh shit

I don’t really want these dumbass Hero Factory names tho

…has anybody bothered to noticed how the box perspective is wrong? it’s two images chopped togethere so we see the box from and the corners clearly. Obviously not an original image.

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Destined Toa.
The hunter, the hidden, the debater, the quiet, the bold and the humble.

'kay so i know it's silly to have headcanons about these things but can you imagine the hidden and the debater being epic flashlight mask bros?

I don’t usually say this…but I really like these MOCs. A lot. They have a lot of character.

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Possible explanations for LEGO's freakout.



The first possibility is that It’s legit.

Alternately, LEGO doesn’t want the extra attention a leak like this could get them, even if it’s fake. The Bring Back BIONICLE movement is already pretty obnoxious (I should know, I was once among them) so this sort of…

I appreciate your patience, a lot…..I’m only seeing the rumor mill on this, not even any actual links to discussions…and the more I see the picture the less legit it looks. doesn’t “tahu” look a lot like a smoothed bad-rez Vakama from LOMN? Seriously, he even has HANDS like the movie toa. Since when has Lego used non-actual set art to illustrate for an actual set? NEVER. I’m…just going to wait.

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limeflavouredlibertarian24 asked: Bionicle is returning in 2015

I don’t know for sure, we’ll wait to see more about it before I get more hyped…honestly I’m suspicious of the picture for several reasons: first off, low quality images in the time of digital cameras and iPhones? it’s really low -res for a modern picture…shifty. Really shifty. Especially with no description, order form, or indication that it came from a manifest or restock form. Second…why is the image black and white? Almost all toy mandates, shipping catalogs and product displays are in color now, so companies know what they are getting. Third, why would they take a picture of the display and not actual sets? If Bionicle sets were already going out to stores with displays and boxes, there’s no way the Lego community wouldn’t have caught on by now.

Overall, I’m suspicious, but I wouldn’t put it away as a fraud just yet. The Lego Company gave a WONDERFUL nod to our community of Chroniclers with the brief cameo of the Mata in the Lego Movie, but who’s to know if they are really bringing it back so soon? I’ll be interested to see what the next month has in store if more of this information comes out and about…

You seem pretty sure it’s confirmed! I appreciate your enthusiam. Bionicle is a near and dear part of my life, and influenced me a lot, I bet you feel the same! Anyways, my soapbox is over. Let me know your thoughts community!

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How did you all get introduced to BIONICLE?

My mother took me to Toys-R-Us back in 2001. I had always loved Lego, so we ended up going straight to the Lego aisle. I saw the Toa Mata, loved the designs, and picked up Gali Mata. Been a fan ever since.

I got the very first Bionicle comic from the lego club and fell in love with the series at first sight. I must have read it 6 times the first day I got it.

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I keep having this dream where Bionicle is back or they’re doing a limited release of “updated” figures. The sets are always cool as hell, but for some reason I can never get past the checkout.

same although the dreams i have are usually…

AH! I’ve had this too! Hahaha maybe it’s a sign…. *cough*cough* please, Lego? Please?

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Treaty of the #bionicle tag


1. Post anything you want that is relevant to bionicle, however, if it contains nsfw, remember to tag #biosmut or #bionsfw as well. I have no objections to seeing it, but not everyone can appreciate art, remember.

2. Do not get mad if you encounter nsfw in the tag and you don’t…

Thank you for posting this. Some of us in the Chronicler community do not appreciate NSFW posts on our feeds. Tag and mark as mature content, for good taste, please.

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